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North Shore

Events, Stories, and Images

Katherine DeSilva has written and cowritten a number of books. Check out her illustrated and long format projects.

Beach and Cottage Merchandise for those who live the Greenhead Life 

In the Light of a Greenhead Moon is a book an a fun game! Do you like games of deduction? Check out our partner The Game Crafter to see our games.

Custom illustration for art and books.  Katherine creates a range of scenes using her unique style. 

Pumpkin Vines

Katherine DeSilva is 'Ipswich.Green'
Illustration, Stories, Games, Wearables & Household .

174 High Street
Ipswich Village, Suite 105

Ipswich, MA 01938

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Multiple Sclerosis
Greenhead Merch
In the light of a greenhead moon