Blue Hot Air Balloon One Size Diaper

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Washable Adjustable Size Diaper. These diapers can fit baby 0-2 years, Suitable weight: Adjusted to the smallest setting approximately 10-15lbs Adjusted to the mid setting approximately 15-20 lbs, Adjusted to the largest setting 18-30lbs
Brand URL : http://www.diaperaddict.com
Product Cloth Diaper Style Description
Pocket Diaper One Size Cloth Diaper Pocket Diaper with Crossover Snaps A trim and attractive design that has a terrific fit on any baby, waterproof 100% polyester PUL outer layer, designed for holding solids. Pockets have interior polyester microfleece for easy clean up, offering comfort against baby's sensitive skin. Interior elastics at the back and leg openings provide a secure, stretchy fit and easy on and off. One size fits most: families can adjust the front snaps to make a custom fit. 2 items in stock
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Blue Balloons Gusset Leg Diaper Cover Cover with Gusset Legs Gusset Leg Cloth Diaper Cover. Cloth diaper covers do not have an inner liner. They are part of a 2 part system. Covers are matched with inner absorbant layers. Covers are cost effective and are a water resistant outer shell made from Thermoplastic polyurethane laminated fabric. It is breathable and will keep clothing dry when the appropriate level of aborbancy is used. 1 item in stock
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Red & Black Circles Cloth Diaper
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